After 5 years (and albums) of playing and producing almost everything, eclectic UK, Bath solo artist Lee Christian decided for his 6th album to focus on singing, using a plentiful bounty of beats & instrumentals hoarded from underground producers over time to craft the album 'Vocation'. 

For the first time since collaborating in his rock band Smilex, Lee has concentrated solely on lyrics, melodies, and harmonies. Taking inspiration from David Bowie’s departure from the shock rock glam of Ziggy and experimental explorations of the Thin White Duke, for the contemporary R&B sheen of Nile Rodgers produced classic Let’s Dance. The result is his most immediate collection of songs for a decade, a sprawling yet cohesive set, including Electronica, Dance, Hip Hop , Soul, RnB, Funk and more from over a dozen producers from around the world.

'Vocation' takes its name from both the proper dictionary definitions and because for Lee, it was like a vocal vacation of sorts. It's overflowing with summery festival vibes, the result perhaps of road testing some of the material with his band The Prohibition Smokers’ Club, supporting Roachford and headlining stages and thrilling audiences at Truck, Cornbury and Wychwood festivals…and more! A diverse mix of influences from D'Angelo, Ice Cube, Bone, Thugs and Harmony, Funkadelic, Outkast, George Benson, Run The Jewels, to Alliyah Depeche Mode, Beck, Leftfield & Lydon & Tricky sees 'Vocation' pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

“With the abundance of talented producers, both in my immediate circle and further afield on the internet/social media, it seemed like a good time to make a record with guest producers. It was fun to craft lyrics, melodies, and harmonies to their creations. I thoroughly recommend searching each of them out for their musical offerings as they are all great!” - Lee

The lyrical topics cover everything from the more standard fare of love and relationships to party times to fighting against the mainstream indoctrination and enslavement of the minds of the western world - so fans of
Lee’s previous work will have something both new and familiar too!

“Lee is one of my favorite lyricists ever” – Ace (Skunk Anansie)

The album is brimming with singles, having already been preceded by the infectious 'Relationship Goals' (featuring US laptop rap pioneer MC Lars) and 'M0n£y' - both produced by the UK rap scene’s best kept
secret Half Decent – this is a bold  update on the old school pop/dance/RnB music blueprint normally associated with acts like Michael Jackson, Alexander O’Neal, Janelle Monae and the ever-present Prince. 
The soulful laid back vibes of 'Playing The Game Again' and high octane dance driven 'I've Got Something For U' with up and coming producer Cookiegem are certainly contenders for further more diverse hits.

‘Vocation’ is available for free because the world needs good new music more than Lee needs money and he needs it badly as everybody knows music doesn’t pay any more! Enjoy!